About Our Business

BDS BY JS GROUP – exceptional products for exceptional homes

About Our Business

Where It All Began

BDS BY JS GROUP provides the broadest range of home improvement & Interior decor products with branded quality assurance at a fair price per your satisfaction.
With over 15 years of experience, we have set out to prove furniture can be made better using qualitative equipment and accessories that can design and craft timeless styles and a comfortable living atmosphere with fewer expenditures.

The sheets are constructed so that the grain directions of the superimposed sheets are usually perpendicular to one another. There is usually an odd number of sheers (at least three) in birch plywood boards; thus, the grain direction of the surface sheets is always the same. The number may also be even in conifer plywood sheets. Weather-resistant phenolic resin adhesive is commonly used in gluing. It’s a lot darker than veneering wood when it comes to color.





What We Offer


Plywood is utilized for various applications, from wardrobes and tables to shelves and cabins, because of its versatility. bdstudioz delivers higher-quality plywood with maximum precision.


Laminates come in a range of patterns and colors. Laminates are your best bet for simulating the appearance of solid wood textures and other natural materials. They also come in a variety of vibrant colors and unique patterns.


The veneer is a term used in the woodworking industry to describe thin slices of wood and sometimes bark that is glued onto core panels (typically wood, particleboard, or medium-density fibreboard)

Kitchen hardware

The actual functionality of any piece of furniture is only realized once it has been installed and accessorized with the appropriate hardware. Handles provide the operational functionality of opening shutters. 

Modular hardware

We recognize the importance of your kitchen to you. It is the beating heart of your home, and it should be constructed to accommodate all aspects of living. 


What People are Saying about our service

“A Great Find”

Quick and brilliant help delivered by Bdsstudioz. The quality and costs of materials are exceptionally aggressive.

“Excellent & quality service”

This testimonial is given to Bdsstudio for convenience and instantly conveying the materials (handle, board, covers, fevicol, CNC cutting, etc.) for the inside work.

“Another successful experience”

According to our prerequisite for pressed wood and cover which was utilized in our home will be provided by Bdstudio

Our Corporate Address:

Head office : 1-64/1c Ground Floor,
Gopanpally, Serilingampally,
Hyderabad 500107

Email: sales@bdstudioz.com

Tel: +91 7032734999

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