Laminates are the most popular finishing layer for MDF, plywood, particleboard, wooden furniture, wall panels, and floors.

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Laminates are the most popular finishing layer for MDF, plywood, particleboard, wooden furniture, wall panels, and floors. They are manufactured by pressing thin layers of flat paper and plastic resins to form a composite artificial material. A decorative pattern or color is printed on the top layer. 

Laminates come in a range of patterns and colors. Laminates are your best bet for simulating the appearance of solid wood textures and other natural materials. They also come in a variety of vibrant colors and unique patterns. 

Although various finishes are available, the most typical are smooth, medium to a high gloss, and matte. Textured laminates, which mimic the feel of natural materials, are frequently used in furniture and wall finishes. Hand scraped, rustic wood, metallic, and leather finishes are all popular textures. 

Laminate quality

Depending on the type of application, laminates are available in sheets, panels, and boards. The sheets supplied are approximately 8 feet by 4 feet in size. Wall panels and boards come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including squares and rectangles. 

Types of Categories

Matte-finish laminate

Matte-finish laminates are one of the most popular laminate finishes for kitchens and other woodworking projects. Matte finish laminates are easy to clean and maintain since they have a moderately reflective surface and are resistant to scratches and dust.

Textured laminate

Textured laminates are designed to seem like Nappa leather, raw silk, suede, stone stucco finishes, and other natural surfaces. Any area can benefit from the use of textured finishes to add depth. These laminates should not be used in the kitchen since the textured laminate tends to retain a lot of dirt and filth, making maintenance difficult.

Gloss-finish laminate

Glossy laminates have a shiny surface and a mirror-like gloss that provides much light to any room. Gloss-finish laminates, which come in a variety of colors, give the interiors a luxury aspect. One disadvantage of this type of laminate is that it quickly shows smudges and fingerprints.


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